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  • Affordable - Charges for IS MY CV only apply once you know your search has returned relevant resume results. IS MY CV does the job of a recruiter for thousands of dollars less, while keeping you in control.

  • Pre-interview instantly - Using our resume video technology gives you an insight into the person behind the resume.

  • Limitless - Create as many different employer resume searches as you desire.

  • Quick and easy - IS MY CV gives you instant results. No need to wait for job ads to be posted.

Don’t waste time sorting through piles of applications when you can simply speed up the process with IS MY CV. using our online resume service.

By viewing videos, you can easily pre-interview candidates in your search criteria. Gain an insight into the person behind the resume, before you choose to interview them.

Refine your employer resume search based on salary expectations, location, qualifications and more. IS MY CV saves you money and time by letting you find candidates quickly.

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