job seeker photo profile faq
Job Seeker Photo Profile FAQ
Does posting a photo with my online resume really make a difference?
When employers search for a resume on Is My CV, they have the option of filtering out results that don’t include photos or videos. To appear on the maximum possible searches for your industry and/or profession, make sure you include a photo, video or both to your resume.
What should I have in my photo? What type of photo should I upload to my resume?
The photo is of you, so make sure that’s what we can see.

Ensure you are the only person in the picture, and try to keep the background as plain as possible (a white or grey wall is ideal).

Make sure there’s enough light to see you by, but try to avoid fluorescent lighting, as it might make you look a little green.

Wear the sort of thing in your photo that you’d be likely to wear to a job interview.

The photo does not need to be of your entire body. From the waist up or from the neck up are both appropriate.

How do I upload a photo to the site?
Once you’re logged into Is My CV, click on the Photo profile link.

If your photo is saved on your computer, or on a removable media device (such as a flash drive or camera) which is currently plugged into your computer, click the ‘Browse’ button and find the file on your system. Click ‘Upload’ to complete the process.
How do I upload a photo to my computer?
The process of uploading a photo to your computer varies greatly depending on the type of camera you own, and the computer you’re using. For specific instructions, use a search engine to look for your camera.

Generally, however, you simply need to use the supplied lead to plug your camera into the USB slot on your computer. Copy the photo you want from the camera onto the desktop.