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Aquaculture Farmer Jobs in Ireland
Aquaculture Farmer Jobs

Aquaculture Farmers cultivate marine and freshwater animals and plants, in both natural and artificial environments. They breed and nurture fish, shellfish or plants for consumption, to aid in manufacturing pharmaceutical goods, or to replace depleted stocks as a result of over-fishing or environmental changes.

Aquaculture Farmers are involved in the planning, structure and operation of hatcheries, ponds and floating fish cages. They also participate in the marketing of their product and the management of the business and finances.

In hatcheries, the Aquaculture Technician anaesthetises the fish, separates males from females and then inseminates the female fish with hormones to induce spawning. The technician not only raises the eggs, but feeds the stock, prepares algal cultures and ensures a safe and nourishing environment for stock. Aquaculture Farmers often collect and record growth, production and water quality data.

Opportunities in this area can be found in environmental research organisations, aquaculture tourism, private fisheries and mining companies who, as a result of ecological concerns, are devoted to rehabilitating mining sites that have been zoned as aquaculture.

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