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Radiologist Jobs in Ireland

A Radiologist interprets medical image findings and correlates them with other examinations and test results and makes recommendations for further examinations or treatments and then confers findings to the referring physician. Radiologists treat diseases with the use of radiation (radiation oncology or nuclear medicine) or image-guided surgery (interventional radiology).

A Radiologist’s job may involve administering radiopaque substances by injection, orally, or as enemas to render internal structures and organs visible on x-ray films or fluoroscopic screens.

Radiologist jobs involve working with physicians, surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals.

A Radiologist may also specialise in one or more of the following radiology specialties:

  • breast imaging
  • cardiovascular radiology
  • chest radiology
  • emergency radiology
  • gastrointestinal (GI) radiology
  • genitourinary radiology
  • head and neck radiology
  • musculoskeletal radiology
  • neuroradiology
  • pediatric radiology
  • interventional radiology
  • nuclear radiology
  • radiation oncology

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